Vista Cube™ Micro Display SDK

About Vista Cube SDK

The Vista Cube™ support significant two functions both Flash burning and display control by Host Software likes Firmware or OS. RDCP340X needs latest flash memory image for internal MCU firmware, rdc/rdp init and LUT, Gamma Data in order to work perfectly. and Vista Cube provides easy way to manage and update those flash image data into internal or external Flash memory. This SDK also provide not only core source but also example SW likes for Stand-alone FW, Android and Windows. Our Blog provide simple porting guide for
  1. Stand-alone FW for MCU
  2. Linux/Android and Windows OS

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– RDPC340X

Release Not

New Features/Improvements
  • Added parsing and downloading API for gcd file.
  • Added CRC32 to RDC/RDP init rega data for management.
Release Date
  • Aug 23, 2023