RAON RDK with Vista Studio™

RAON provides an easier way to help customer develop various ultimate systems such as Near-Eye Display, AR·MR·XR Spatial Computing Glasses , FPV Goggles, HMD, HUD, and Pico Projectors through Reference Design Kit and Vista Studio™ Intuitive GUI tool.

Vista Studio™ GUI Tool simplifies RAON display tuning and configuration which is supported in various OS such as Mac OSX and Windows® OS, and Linux® in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions with USB 2.0 Interface.

RAON Reference Design Kit, The-R1 and The-R1 Tiny, are our microdisplay development kits supporting RAON LCoS display Panels. These development kits support HD, FHD, and QHD, as well as lossless 3D display.

The RDK can work via general display input interface HDMI or USB Type-C™ Connector from Mac PC, Windows PC or Android Smart Phone are compatible with DisplayPort Alternate Mode over USB Type-C™.

The-R1 Tiny provides simple way to display test and custom optic development for prototyping rapidly

The-R1 Tiny User Guide

The-R1 is highly suited for MicroDisplay system development

The-R1 User Guide


How To Use

Here are some tips and techniques to help you use it easily even better.
Board Configuration Wizard
Main Feature
Input Change to USB-C : LVDS to MIPI
Input Change to HDMI : MIPI to LVDS
EVB MCU FW Download
Controller FW download
Gamma Correction Feature
CoKOA Feature
OSD Feature [ Bitmap Draw ]
OSD Feature [ Font Draw ]
Scan Timing & BackLight LED Control
How to upgrade SW Tool